If you aren't already aware, a huge part of Andy's life is his ministry! He provides Christian Counseling as well as helping to get women and girls out of the worldwide sexual slavery trade. 

His ministry works through a pastoral network in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Andy donates 100% of his musical royalties to help these young girls out of the sexual slavery trade.

In Pakistan it is common for households to have what they call "House cleaners". These girls do not clean house. They are used for sexual purposes only. And Andy and his friends Fiaz and Zeenat are all working to change the lives of these girls.

Some as young as 12 are forced into this degrading lifestyle. Many have been auctioned off by their families for money.

We teach these girls to read and write. We teach them of the saving grace of Christ and His teachings. We have a Sewing Program and a Beautician program. 

All Biblical teaching is done in the Urdu dialect. The Bibles we use are in Urdu. We graduate hundreds of girls a year. They are given a state sponsored diploma and can work anywhere in the country legitimately.

It is a wonderful miracle to behold Positrons! 

If you would ever like to be a part of our ministry and or donate to this wonderful cause contact us at itsallaboutthegirl@msn.com 

100% of your money goes directly to helping. There is no middle men. There are no fees associated with a massive team of number crunchers and salaried workers. This is all done for the betterment of humanity. We believe that every person in all of the world deserves to know Christ and His infinite mercy!